Facebook problems
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UPDATED 14/03/19
Services seem to be gradually coming back online. However, no explanation from Facebook yet to the cause of the outage.

Having problems with Facebook? How about Instagram or WhatsApp? .. Don't fret, you're not the only one!

Confirmed in a statement to the BBC, "people are currently having having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps" which is estimated to have initially started around 4:00pm GMT. The Facebook website itself appears to load initially but problems arise when trying to submit new content, particularly images. The company has not yet given a reason for the outage, but indicated that they aware of the problem and are working toward fixing it.

As Facebook is now so heavily integrated into a number of other websites and applications, this is also causing problems for third-parties including businesses using Facebook Workplace, an enterprise online...
Competition - Win £25 - Mar/Apr 2019 Referral Drive
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For the remainder of March and the full month of April, we are offering you the chance to win £25 via PayPal. As a small additional thank you, I am also offering Trophy points to the top 3 users.

All you have to do is get your friends to join Nerdface and for them to have posted at least 10 times during the same period for your referral to count for this competition.

The competition is open to all members, including staff, and new members who are referred themselves. Good luck!
Planned Downtime
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UPDATED 06/02/2019
There should be no further upgrade related downtime.

UPDATED 04/02/2019
The upgrade for the most part has been a success. All of the new code and functionality is now live, and Nerdface is now running on XenForo 2.1.

There are one or two things that aren't quite ready yet and have been disabled, despite testing they've resulted in some unexpected issues. I'll be intermittently taking the website offline when working on any aesthetically breaking issues. Feel free to try out everything, and please report any issues that you may encounter.

Thanks for your patience on Saturday.

Exciting news! XenForo 2.1 has today been declared stable, and as such the major upgrade to Nerdface is imminent which includes a multitude of new features.

I have already been testing the upgrade on my localhost setup, and I am confident the process should be relatively smooth - but there's only so much that can be tested for away from a live...
Spread the Word - Help Us Help You!
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First of all, I would like to say thanks to Andy for allowing me to write articles for Nerdface, although I'm not too sure why he would entrust me with such powers :ROFLMAO: I hope it works out positively nevertheless!

I hope I can speak for all of us when I say I really appreciate the work that has gone into Nerdface - everything feels thought out, refined, and while there are a few bugs here and there, I think we can agree that this level of polish is not something that is found on most websites out there, let alone ones as new as this! It has turned into a great community, and I really appreciate Andy's work on this front. But for this endless stream of new features to be worthwhile, I believe we need to ask you to help us so we can help you. Both Andy and myself, along with some efforts from other users, have attempted to bring new people to the community we have here, and, since signups are still coming, I believe that it is working, although at perhaps a...
Connect with us!
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There's never been a better or more convenient way of signing up and/or logging in to Nerdface!

I'm happy to introduce connected accounts, which allows you to use an existing account with a social media platform to quickly and easily sign up at Nerdface, or login to an existing account once it has been connected. Existing members can connect their accounts by visiting Connected accounts.

Currently supported platforms are:

If you would like to see any other platforms supported, add a comment and I can look into it! :nerd:
  1. Andy @ Andy:
    @Airo fixed (created a thread for bug tracking).
  2. Andy @ Andy:
    Hmm, seems like an old bug has been re-introduced with the theme update, and the fix no longer works.. I'll take a closer look.
  3. Airo @ Airo:
    Hey Andy, the logo and slogan seem very broken on mobile, might want to take a look
  4. Andy @ Andy:
    @Airo I'll send you a PM about it
  5. Airo @ Airo:
    Area 51? OwO
  6. Andy @ Andy:
    A new referral contest has started! Win £25!

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