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Upgrade Planning

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Upgrade Planning

With XenForo 2.1 currently on Beta 5, and a few add-on developers deciding to shift support to this version already - I'm starting to plan the next major updates to Nerdface.

It is very unlikely that this will happen before XenForo 2.1 is considered stable due to a number of considerations, but that doesn't mean to say that I can't start testing things locally to test the transition, and to start working on some of the new features that I'd like to bring. With this in mind, I do not plan to make any more changes to Nerdface as it is until this time (excluding bugfixes should they be required).

Inevitably there is going to be a bit of downtime when the upgrade happens, but this will hopefully be kept to a minimum if all goes well with testing.

I appreciate that discussion is still a bit slow, and despite the efforts of Airo and myself sign-ups haven't been forthcoming - but as long as we continue to do what we are doing (feedback has been good), things can only continue to improve.
Andy Dobson


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I've managed to recover an ancient Deviant Art account I have.. I'm hoping that I can persuade at least one person that I used to chat with to come and sign up!
If you have the money for it, there is the possibility of launching a Google Ads campaign. From what I've heard it's relatively cheap in comparison to the numbers it brings in.
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Testing is going well, and I have got everything working from the current "build" of Nerdface on XenForo 2.1 Beta 5.

There are a few issues with the aesthetics, because XF updated their FontAwesome integration to the latest version. There are also one or two issues with the style, as it was built on XF 2.0 code so things like the new reactions system don't work correctly. This pretty much confirms that I will not be upgrading the live site until XF 2.1 is out of beta state.

I'm now going to start integrating some of the new features I had planned on the test build, and hope that the code continues to play together nicely.
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It's turning into a bit of a monster.. To put it into context, I'm currently running 41 add-ons with a bunch of custom code.

The upgrade is currently running 59 add-ons, even more custom code, and it's still not finished! :ROFLMAO:

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