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Spread the Word - Help Us Help You!

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Spread the Word - Help Us Help You!

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Andy for allowing me to write articles for Nerdface, although I'm not too sure why he would entrust me with such powers :ROFLMAO: I hope it works out positively nevertheless!

I hope I can speak for all of us when I say I really appreciate the work that has gone into Nerdface - everything feels thought out, refined, and while there are a few bugs here and there, I think we can agree that this level of polish is not something that is found on most websites out there, let alone ones as new as this! It has turned into a great community, and I really appreciate Andy's work on this front. But for this endless stream of new features to be worthwhile, I believe we need to ask you to help us so we can help you. Both Andy and myself, along with some efforts from other users, have attempted to bring new people to the community we have here, and, since signups are still coming, I believe that it is working, although at perhaps a slower pace than we would love for. And this is why we ask for all of our users to help spread the word - post about us, share our website with your friends, family, or anyone that might perhaps be interested in a niche website like what we have here! While we obviously do not "demand" that you do this, any attempts at bringing new members will be greatly appreciated - as you know, we welcome any and all people with open arms!

Thank you for reading over this (hope it's not too bad for a first article), and I hope we can grow this community together!


Thank you for the kind words, and for your support Airo. Congratulations on your first article!

I'm doing post exchanges with a couple of our newest members who also have newly starting communities, which seems to be working out nicely.

I'm also working on a referral system that'll be introduced with the upgrade. It'll bring a bit of friendly competition to proceedings with a "Most referrals" section on the Members list, and could potentially pave the way for referral competitions in the near future.
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Sounds like a good idea, mind if you send a link to these communities? Would love to check some out.
I like this community and although I was originally here as an exchange, I'm going to stick around!
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I didn't realise you were staff Airo! Congrats man.
Yeah, Andy allowed me to moderate the Politics section, as well as give me the opportunity to write articles if I wish, as there is a system in place so he can Veto them first. He deliberately didn't make Staff look any different, probably to make us all the same level so that it doesn't affect discussions. Seems to have worked, as you have only just noticed after I think a week or maybe two? :D
..and has been quickly promoted to a super moderator (global) because of personal circumstances!

As above, I don't like the "elitism" that some communities have toward staff so chose not to make them appear any different.
Just thought I'd give a quick update here rather than making a separate thread.

I've updated users and links in post #4. Previous exchanges became inactive and have been replaced.

I'm sure @Airo won't mind me saying that I've removed his Moderator credentials as he is busy with things away from Nerdface for the time being.
Thank you for posting a link to Mind Piff @Andy I appreciate the looking out. We just reached 1 year online just the other day. Good looking out.

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