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Scheduled Maintenance - 13/04/19

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Scheduled Maintenance - 13/04/19

UPDATED 15/04/19
Generally speaking the maintenance has gone ok, and the majority of add-ons have been updated to their latest versions without issue.

Unfortunately with a couple of new add-ons I have installed, I've noticed one or two bugs creeping up here and there (hence the current build is in beta state).. I'm hopeful that I can remedy these without needing to take Nerdface offline again. If I can't resolve them however, I'll be making a call to @UrbanDarkness.

Nerdface will be unavailable for what I anticipate will be a short amount of time on Saturday 13th April, for some scheduled maintenance.

A number of add-ons have been updated this week. It makes sense to tackle these all at once and make sure that everything continues to function as intended.

On an unrelated note, there was an unscheduled 3-4 hour period of non-availability in the early hours of this morning due to a database backup task timing out. Apologies if you tried to reach the site during this time, I will be investigating this further on Saturday also.
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Andy Dobson
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I just wanted to provide a quick update on this.

Nerdface has been in maintenance mode for the past hour or so whilst I started work on a couple of things. The maintenance is not yet completed, but I am stepping out for a bit and it made sense for things to be switched back on since things appear to remain stable. :)

Almost done, but the maintenance is going to roll in to tomorrow.. Again, things seem stable so the site is back online.
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