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Planned Downtime

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Planned Downtime

UPDATED 06/02/2019
There should be no further upgrade related downtime.

UPDATED 04/02/2019
The upgrade for the most part has been a success. All of the new code and functionality is now live, and Nerdface is now running on XenForo 2.1.

There are one or two things that aren't quite ready yet and have been disabled, despite testing they've resulted in some unexpected issues. I'll be intermittently taking the website offline when working on any aesthetically breaking issues. Feel free to try out everything, and please report any issues that you may encounter.

Thanks for your patience on Saturday.

Exciting news! XenForo 2.1 has today been declared stable, and as such the major upgrade to Nerdface is imminent which includes a multitude of new features.

I have already been testing the upgrade on my localhost setup, and I am confident the process should be relatively smooth - but there's only so much that can be tested for away from a live environment. Additionally not all functionality has yet been tested.

Nerdface will therefore be unavailable for much of the day on Saturday 2nd February.
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Andy Dobson


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So I've been busy working on the upgrade on-and-off for almost 20 hours.. I didn't manage to get everything done because of a few minor setbacks, but Nerdface is on XenForo 2.1 and there's a lot of new functionaity and tweaks that have been installed in addition.

The majority of the work is done, enough to set the website active again at least. I'm going to be taking tomorrow off from coding, and will hopefully finish up on Monday evening. Things seem stable enough, but please report any bugs encountered.

I unintentionally lied.. 🤥 I couldn't sleep so I've ended up completing the upgrade.

All of the code and functionality is now live. There's one or two things (such as Blogs, alternative smilie sets, and database layout) that I haven't fully configured yet, but there isn't an immediate rush for me to do that..
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Glad to see it back up! I was checking it out the other day and did not catch this article till today so was wondering what was going on!
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Glad to see it back up! I was checking it out the other day and did not catch this article till today so was wondering what was going on!
I tried to get a balance between giving notice and upgrading pretty quickly. The closure message probably didn't give too much away either.. :ROFLMAO:

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