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Interested in learning more about King George when he was in power

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I was wondering if anyone could provide some helpful information or facts about King George. I'm really interested in hearing about him. I was told he already passed away sadly and now the queen is the only one in charge. There's prince Charles though who may take over? Am I wrong? Who is next in line to be King and maybe you can tell me more about the family. I'm interested.

Also I'm searching for information on a book that was discovered in King Charles the 3rds castle called the green book. Apparently they say it was meant to give the dead or deceased peace in the castle but also ended up being much more than that. It's a story, written in olde english. But the olde english was translated in a more readable state.

Thanks for any clues to this you can provide. I haven't been able to read the book but I really want to find a way to read it.
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The Queen rules (per say), and is married to Prince Phillip. King George V was her father. Prince Charles is next in-line but can abdicate in favour of his eldest, William. There are a few films out about her younger years as well as King George V.

Sadly, we don't (or didn't) learn much about the monarchy at school. You touched on the different eras eg. Edwardian, Tudor, Elizabethan but never studied the Family. I take it for granted to be honest.

I've never heard about this book of yours. Is it definitely called The Green Book and not something like Green's Book?
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