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How many years have you all been in the 'web' game?

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How many years have you all been in the 'web' game?


The 'Coventrian'
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The question here is in the thread title really, but how many years would you say you've been involved in the web game? From running your own sites, dabbling in code or whatever else comes with website administration.

I'd say I'm coming up on about 7-8 years of 'working' on websites to some degree (at an amateur and semi-pro level) but only the last two years have seen me actually start to take it a bit more seriously, both as a job and a hobby. I've started working for various companies on their website and social media platforms whilst slowly setting up a little side business which I hope eventually will start to turn a bit full-time, giving me a bit more freedom in my life later down the line. For now, I'm in a full time social-media position so that will keep me ticking!


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I've been dabbling with forum administration, coding, and design for almost 20 years! :mindblown:

I started out on ezboard during it's peak around 2001-2002, I then moved on to UBB.classic, vBulletin, and xenForo briefly before going on a 5-year hiatus.

Nerdface is the first website I have developed since then.

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