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Have any regrets in your webmaster life?

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Have any regrets in your webmaster life?


The 'Coventrian'
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Over all the time that you've been a webmaster, do you have any regrets as to things you've done? Things that might have caused your site to hit the ground, crash and then burn? Something that might have lost you a lot of money? What do you regret, if anything? For me, I do regret decisions I made not to do certain things with websites that I owned. In particular, a technology site I owned. I do regret selling it when me and my partner did, I think we could've done a lot more with it and ultimately, got a lot more money a year or so down the line. Alas, university had to come first at that point!
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Getting into the hosting biz. Now I'm giving away the biz on FP. Anyway, it could work with enough capital - but I'd rather use capital for my drumming stuff - which I have way more passion for.

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