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Gaming Trophies and Achievements

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Gaming Trophies and Achievements


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If you're not an achievement and/or trophy hunter, then you can probably stop reading now.. Otherwise, I'm going to share with you a few websites to help you on your quest to attain the seemingly unattainable (unless of course, it is!).

I should point out right now, that I do not condone the process of gamesaving (physically sharing, modifying, and/or using game save files from other gamers). Nor do I condone other similar forms of cheating, such as entering known hacked multiplayer lobbies via modified games consoles. If you're looking for help with that, look elsewhere..

The websites that I'm going to share will primarily focus on a method of attaining multiplayer unlocks that is known as "boosting". That is organising a multiplayer game with at least one other person. with the sole purpose of working toward a specific trophy or achievement. Generally speaking, players take it in turns to win a set number of games, kill the other player(s) in a specified manner, or work together cooperatively toward a mission. This is particularly useful for older games, and those with a less active userbase.

Some websites also feature useful guides, hints, game glitches, and in-game cheat codes to help you achieve those more difficult single player unlocks.

PlayStation :ps4_psn:
8 (PSNP)​
The primary use of PSNP is to organise boosting sessions, and of the featured PlayStation websites this is probably the one that has the most active userbase for doing this. Sessions can be filtered per game, games that you own, and all games. Another popular feature is the trophy cards which are generally used for signatures on forums like this one, to show off your PlayStation accomplishments amongst other users.
14 (PST)​
I don't use the website itself, for me PST is all about its forums. It is a good sized community, it is easy to navigate, and each game has its own forum. Generally, games have a full trophy walkthrough contributed by one of the PST members which features a useful summary of hints for every trophy in the game. Popular games usually have more specific and in-depth discussions regarding tactics and strategies for the more difficult trophies. For games with multiplayer trophies there is also a thread for arranging boosting sessions, though this feels less organised than PSNP. One of the threads I frequently visit here is Unachievable Trophies, which features an up-to-date list of games with discontinued or otherwise unattainable trophies, and I tend to avoid buying or starting games that are featured on this list.
10 (TT)​
The layout and concept of TT is top notch, and it has all the ingredients to surpass both PSNP and PST. It can be used to organise boosting sessions clearly and concisely, each game has its own page where guides can be submitted for each trophy. TT adds a whole other level of competitiveness featuring a newly generated score and ratio dependent on the calculated difficulty of the trophies that you have earned (more can be read about this here). These statistics can also be featured in a gamer card similar to that of PSNP. Unfortunately it hasn't been widely adopted, and simply doesn't have the userbase of the other sites. The primary reason for this is that TT is a sister site of the more commonly adapted site for Xbox gamers, TA. By the time it was created, the other sites had already been around for some time and adopted by PlayStation trophy hunters. That being said, this site still has its uses.
11 (PSNTL)​
I probably use this site the least out of the four, but it has a couple of nice touches that I like. Similar to TT but perhaps easier to understand, it assigns each trophy a difficulty/rareness score, which combine to give the game an overall difficulty rating. PSNTL also shows you the average game difficulty attempted, and completed, along with other statistics that can also be found on PSNP and TT (and I feel they do it better). The focus of this site is much more about the leaderboards themselves, which I tend not to bother much about.
Xbox :xb_xbl:
12 (TA)​
TrueAchievements is very much the 'big brother' of the PlayStation site TT. It is probably the most commonly used site for organising boosting sessions for Xbox achievements, it features many guides for many achievements, and as you'd expect has all of the features previously mentioned regarding TT. More about the concept and reasoning behind the scoring system can be read here, and similarly TA users can feature their statistics in a gamer card.
15 (XBA)​
Although it wasn't mentioned in my comments about PST, XBA is also a 'big brother' site. Similarly, I don't use the website itself, and the forums have a large userbase. For some reason however, the navigation is less user friendly. You'll probably find yourself using CTRL+F to find the forum of the game that you need help with. Again, similar to PST there are generally full trophy walkthroughs, a single thread to organise boosting sessions, and popular games usually have more specific and in-depth discussions regarding tactics and strategies for the more difficult achievements. There is also a similar Unachievable Achievements thread, though it does not appear to be maintained any longer.

Of course, there are other similar websites out there - but I haven't featured them here because I haven't used them. Likewise, I haven't featured similar communities for Steam Achievements because I'm not a PC gamer. It may also be evident that I am now primarily a PlayStation gamer.. ^_^;

Feel free to leave a comment with any recommendations for other users. I may look into them and even revise the article at a later date.


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