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Ever told your friends/family about your site?

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Ever told your friends/family about your site?


The 'Coventrian'
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Always thought this was an interesting one because people I tell tend to have some odd opinions about the fact that I've pegged myself as a "webmaster". Back when I was younger specifically, my parents found it a bit werid that I was spending my time on a website but they started to take it a bit seriously when I got invited to Google to test out Google Glass back when it was all the rage and started getting products from companies to review for the website. When I sold the site for $5K way back when, it was a hell of a time explaining that one haha. I haven't done that since though, I don't have the time in my twenties that I had when I was 16/17 lol.

Anyway, do any of your friends/family know about your site(s)? What is their opinion?

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