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Do you trust auto mechanics?

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Do you trust auto mechanics?

Too many scammers where I live. Good thing I found an honest one. Anyway, the industry is so crooked - you have Christian Auto Mechanics.
I don’t trust them.. they will say you need parts changed but probably don’t. They just want the money
You can apply this to anything you don't know about though. My mechanic knew I tinkered with cars and that I could buy parts at trade, and he was ok with me getting my own stuff. I think that's a sign they're a decent mechanic.


The only place I've found not to trust is Kwik-Fit. They're a pretty big chain in the UK, but they gave me various advisories once that I wasn't particularly convinced about..

I went to get a second opinion from a local garage who basically told me that everything was fine, and the items mentioned on the advisory notice wouldn't need replacing for at least another year or two. I pretty much always took my car(s) to them following that, until recently. I've since moved and it's much more convenient to take it somewhere more local..


Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater
Kwik-Fit are a bunch of con-men and always have been. I would find a local garage you can trust and stick with them.

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