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Dark, Light Themes - In-between?

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Dark, Light Themes - In-between?

What do you all prefer? I would prefer different types - for different sites. Also, I wouldn't want to make a site "too dark" or "too light".

O.K., well, at the moment I have dark and light sites - but nothing - in between. However, they aren't "too much of one color".
I prefer dark or light colours that are easy on the eyes. My site CodeForum has multiple colours but I prefer my dark style. Way easier on the eyes
I'm a big fan of light themes. They tend to draw me in much better than dark themes. Really because making friends and the content is what matters. Sometimes darker themes don't really do well with me. I can deal with it if it's professional like @Malcolm 's site but I still prefer light ones.
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I think giving people an option between light and dark is good - but the question remains: "What will be the default?".

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