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v2.1.8i (09/07/19 10:05) - Media centre re-organised, Media categories collapsed by default, 'Latest media' widget added to forum index.
v2.1.8h (04/07/19 13:55) - Fixed hover colour of push notification prompt on dark style, widget added to forum index for upcoming events, new threads are now posted automatically to our twitter feed, miscellaneous back-end improvements.
v2.1.8g (27/06/19 13:55) - All add-ons updated to their latest versions, threads with 15 replies or more are branded as 'hot'.
v2.1.8f (26/06/19 13:15) - Fixed bug Similar threads not being listed when posting via quick thread, sticky user cells in posts, user statistics shown on hover in posts, 'Deals and offers' and 'Classifieds' forums removed, feedback system removed, homepage suspended until further notice, profile post system removed, 'Latest threads' added as default content widget, header quotes no longer utilising javascript.
v2.1.8e (07/06/19 15:15) - reCAPTCHA replaced with textCAPTCHA (again) due to concerns about data privacy and removed from login page, minor aesthetic changes to thread and conversation lists, sub-forums listed on forum index with correct icons, missing files from slider add-on uploaded.
v2.1.8d (03/06/19 10:15) - Shoutbox layout customised and archive added, Sports forum re-instated and integrated with 'Health and Wellbeing', 'Log in' and 'Register' phrasing changed to 'Sign in' and 'Sign up' respectively.
v2.1.8c (29/05/19 15:15) - Oculus profile field added, miscellaneous add-on updates.
v2.1.8b (28/05/19 21:35) - Optimisations to reduce database queries within threads.
v2.1.8a (23/05/19 15:20) - All add-ons updated to their latest versions.
v2.1.8 (03/05/19 08:00) - Upgraded XenForo and Media Gallery to 2.1.2.

v2.1.7e (30/04/19 23:10) - Back-end changes for easier XF upgrades.
v2.1.7d (27/04/19 12:05) - Bugfix for guests and other robots being identified as CloudFlare (nearly 1,000 spiders are now being correctly identified!), bugfix for modified table BB Code not working as expected when editing a post, minor icon changes to style, add-on installation/update tool removed from back-end for performance concerns.
v2.1.7c (25/04/19 20:10) - Classifieds sub-forum added with feedback system implemented, "Dark/Light mode" switch added to quickly switch styles, Most followers statistic added, logo now links to forums instead of homepage, Directory links now go to detailed page (can be bypassed by clicking on web url).
v2.1.7b (24/04/19 08:00) - Matched What's new icon on mobile and desktop views, FontAwesome BB Code updated to integrate brands, "Partners" displayed on footer.
v2.1.7a (21/04/19 10:10) - Most profile views statistic fixed, licensed branding removal for current add-ons.
v2.1.7 (19/04/19 10:20) - All add-ons updated to their latest versions and known bugs fixed, Directory added, Question & Answer feature implemented (guide to be written soon), Help featured more prominently in navigation, 7,508 disposable and known spam email domains blocked, Registration reverted to Captcha and is now also required for each login, Sports forum merged with Entertainment, Deals and offers forum added, prefix styling uniformed.

v2.1.6a (12/04/19 14:15) - Area 51 password protected forum hidden, Testing forum added, Writing forum renamed to Writing and design.
v2.1.6 (09/04/19 12:35) - "Let me Google that for you" and "Font Awesome" BB Codes added, notice added if a staff member is in a private conversation.

v2.1.5g (03/04/19 10:45) - Minor layout bugs fixed, additional "About" field for Blogs removed, additional gaming related user identities integrated.
v2.1.5f (02/04/19 14:10) - Bloat reduction - Featured thread slider reverted to sidebar, widgets in footer removed or relocated. Miscellaneous add-on updates.
v2.1.5e (01/04/19 14:00) - Categories removed from Blogs, fixed bug with 'Mixer' icon in user profile, updated miscellanous back-end add-on.
v2.1.5d (29/03/19 21:25) - Blogs system redesigned.
v2.1.5c (28/03/19 14:30) - Dark theme out of beta. Author removed from featured thread slider due to tooltip location bug.
v2.1.5b (27/03/19 13:10) - Thread prefixes removed from Suggestions and feedback forum, Help pages updated, Helper added to Entertainment sub-forums.
v2.1.5a (24/03/19 21:25) - Sub-forums shown on forum list, "Dislike" reaction added, miscellaneous add-on updates.
v2.1.5 (22/03/19 20:20) - Library removed and contents merged with Entertainment forum. Post title now shown when scrolling as "Currently reading". Grid layout added as an additional "Customise" option. Featured thread slider moved back to top of forum list. Miscellaneous add-on updates and Uniform theme updated.

v2.1.4f (20/03/19 17:50) - Blogs, Similar threads, and back-end updates.
v2.1.4e (18/03/19 13:10) - Fixed bug with new game submissions to Video games forum, removed user covers from visitor menu.
v2.1.4d (17/03/19 16:05) - Users with 0 posts, and users who failed to confirm their email address will now be auto-deleted after 1 year.
v2.1.4c (17/03/19 07:40) - Further bloat reduction: Video games forum simplified with sub-forum removal. Forum aggregation removed as no longer required.
v2.1.4b (16/03/19 11:50) - Logo/slogan fixed for mobile view, console prefixes changed to icons.
v2.1.4a (15/03/19 12:10) - Grid layout tweaked for "Library" section, separate node icons added, dark theme (beta) enabled.
v2.1.4 (14/03/19 22:10) - Upgraded to XenForo 2.1.1, miscellaneous add-on updates, Uniform theme updated (still working on fixes for customisations).

v2.1.3b (10/03/19 10:10) - Miscellaneous add-on updates.
v2.1.3a (08/03/19 20:20) - Bloat reduction - Moved "featured threads" slider to the sidebar, and "referral link" to the footer. Removed "Spotify" widget.
v2.1.3 (03/03/19 22:45) - Automated upgrade checking implemented for compatible add-ons, [code] BB tag changes, miscellaneous add-on updates and bugfixes.

v2.1.2c (03/03/19 12:45) - Miscellaneous add-on updates, password protected forum "Area 51" added.
v2.1.2b (20/02/19 21:10) - Miscellaneous backend improvements.
v2.1.2a (19/02/19 14:15) - Added "Latest profile posts" tab to content widget on sidebar.
v2.1.2 (18/02/19 21:55) - User profile pages slimlined to a singular tab/page, miscellaneous add-on updates.

v2.1.1d (13/02/19 21:25) - Birthday's displayed on calendar, miscellaneous add-on updates.
v2.1.1c (13/02/19 15:55) - Customise option removed from homepage due to fluid width resizing bug.
v2.1.1b (13/02/19 11:35) - Statistics widget updated to use tabs, moved back to sidebar to reduce database queries on other pages.
v2.1.1a (12/02/19 08:00) - Smilies help page updated to use similar tabs as widgets.
v2.1.1 (09/02/19 00:35) - Trophies categorised, self account deactivation and multi-prefixing implemented.

v2.1.0a (08/02/19 22:05) - Various bugfixes including; Alert improvements, Change content owner, Original poster highlight, Shoutbox, and Similar threads.
v2.1.0 (02/02/19 07:30) - Upgraded to XenForo 2.1.0 and.. stuff

v2.0.1b (01/02/19 08:00) - Additional header quotes added to the cycle.
v2.0.1a (17/01/19 20:50) - Flood control decreased per request.
v2.0.1 (17/01/19 12:55) - Final background option added.

v2.0.0b (17/01/19 06:40) - Licensed Xenfocus theme branding removal. Nerdface copyright added with link to changelog.
v2.0.0a (16/01/19 12:15) - Alphabetical pagination width fix for mobile devices.
v2.0.0 (16/01/19 08:50) - Changelog implemented for current build (this will become more useful in future).
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