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Nintendo Car Battler Joe

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Nintendo Car Battler Joe

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Car Battler Joe
Rampaging rogues roam the highways and byways that surround your village. If your believed the rumors, you would blame your missing father for the surge in vehicular violence. That's why you've decided to lead the life of a car battler, transporting cargo between towns and running down every lethal lead foot foolish enough to cross your path. This gritty work isn't easy. Other car battlers fight for money or fame, but you have a higher calling: You're determined to restore your family's lost honor and bring your father home.
Players: N/A
Co-op: No
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Natsume
Reaction score
I recently found my game cartridge in a box while working on decluttering my room for once. This was my favorite game for a long time. Never had I seen a mixture of racing and weaponry quite like it, and it was the first 'racing shooter' as I call it that I really knew of. I like racing games, but normally not games that require shooting and hand-eye coordination to do so. But I found Car Battler Joe really great, and I really enjoyed the story-line along with the method it was shown.
Game information provided by TheGamesDB

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