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Afraid not, we got [at least] another month left to go.
Corrected.. ;) After yesterday's vote, who knows how long this could go on for.

I can't see a no-deal brexit being agreed, which means that in all likelihood it's going to be extended beyond the March deadline.


Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater
What a complete farce. I agree Andy, I think this is going to get extended again and again and we'll be talking about this for the next few months at least. No matter whether I voted remain or leave, the fact that the people voted to leave, they have to leave. Any other outcome and I won't be voting again as it's clear the people's vote does not count. It also doesn't help that the majority of the government wanted to remain, including May so it's almost like she's going through the whole process with gritted teeth.
I voted to leave. I wanted to protect our country and by having more control over our laws and spending thought we could ride it out for the next generation to benefit from. Unfortunately, the Government have failed to deliver and seem to use Brexit as a 'fuck you, Europe' which is not how I feel or what I wanted! I wanted to control immigration, like Australia. I wanted to harness Nuclear power. I wanted to give our homeless and our poor and our ill a better chance at getting back on track.

A second referendum is needed, not because I've changed my mind, but because there is no plan. What's gone on for nearly three years?! I have no faith we know which way is up and feel we need to be directed by people who know better and who are current.

I hope Brexit is taken off the table and our Royals abolish Parliament so we finally get some real reform and drag ourselves into the 21st century. I'd now vote to remain to protect my country. Give me a better exit strategy in 25 years and I might vote to leave again, but I wouldn't expect a second referendum if then we had all the facts to make a sensible decision.


Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater
Let's leave without a deal. Who needs the EU anyway. They need us more than we need them. Then we can leave struggling countries ready for handouts such as Greece and Spain. Better get those tin supplies in fast!
But we don't use the Euro, so if Greece and Spain were to go bust we aren't directly affected like Germany or France would be. Do we put more money in when things like this happen, or are funds just diverted from other things such as subsidies? We've done nothing but spin our wheels since the Leave Vote came in, imagine the agony trying to get trade deals. We can't even keep our own countries together - Scotland wanted out, the way Education and Healthcare work in Scotland, England and Wales differ too! I feel we're doomed because we're too weak to implement this kind of change.
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I would probably also consider myself a Remainer although I do think we should leave. Not entirely because it's democratic but I just know that if it ever were to be reversed, the country is going to be in a mess for a while with protests. The far right would have a field day. It's a shame that people were conned with lies and the politicians that did so will not be punished at all.
Oddly enough, it used to be France doing this. De Gaulle launched this huge attack (in the 60s) to keep France out of the European Union. Well, his fear though, was that the US would gain too much power over France's economy.


Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater
It's a shame that people were conned with lies and the politicians that did so will not be punished at all.
Lying seems to be an almost required skill for a politician. I'm sick of the lies, the selfishness and damn right cheek of them all I've decided to give up on voting. We've just had local elections which I decided not to take part in. I really see no point. it's so underhanded, I have no idea what I'm really voting and who to believe. Let them squabble between themselves, it really has no influence on my life.
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100%. Doesn't matter who you're voting for anyone because whoever you get, the same thing will just happen again and again. It's a joke really and it's a shame that the main parties can't get their things together for once especially during such an important period.

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