Are you religious?


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I do not believe in any superior being, I will go to church out of courtesy on days such as Remembrance, but that's about it.
I used to be very religious. Now I would say I'm spiritual. I believe that there must be some enterty that created life, whether that is a God or just a 'force' I don't know. And there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that Jesus existed. Whether he is the son of God or not...

I never have an issue with anyone who is or isn't religious. I have issues though with people who ridicule other people's beliefs. I also am not a fan of judgemental organised religion. Especially when it comes to issues of homosexuality etc.
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What are you and were you born into this religion or did you choose this path?


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I was born as a Christian, as I was baptized when I was still too young to know what was going on, but I'd say I'm an Atheist.

Also, this thread is pretty much a duplicate of the thread we already have :D

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