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  1. ..could it be?

    ..could it be?

    I'll always have very fond memories of the first message board / community that I joined when I first started going online.. :bringitin: The administrator was friendly and supportive, the majority of the members were friendly and loyal, the colour scheme was always green, and I even had the...
  2. Andy

    Website newsletters / digests

    What do you generally think about newsletters or digests? Do you instantly unsubscribe from them, or do you have a fear of missing out that stops you from unsubscribing? Do you sometimes read them if you don't get them too often? Is there a "perfect balance"?
  3. Andy

    Portal taken offline

    The portal front page that acted as the homepage of Nerdface has been taken offline until further notice. Unfortunately I'm struggling for the spare time to be able to keep it updated and relevant, and being the first page that visitors are likely to see it doesn't set a great first impression...
  4. MarteeBe

    What annoys you as a website owner?

    As a website owner, I'm sure we would've come across all manner of things which have stoked the flames and ignited an angry passion inside that we didn't know existed. For me, back when I was less technical than I am now anyway, the most annoying thing for sure was the amount of random...
  5. Andy

    Website error

    Apologies if you've tried to login to Nerdface over the last 12 hours or so and have been greeted with an error. This is entirely my fault as I'd accidentally deleted add-on files that were still in use. They've now been re-uploaded and all is well again.. ^_^; You may have also noticed that...
  6. Andy

    Brexit petition crashes government website

    UPDATED 23/03/19 It's been 48 hours since this article was published, and the petition has now amassed 4,456,315 signatures. An increase of just over 3.3 million! :eek: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Whether you're from Europe, Britain, or otherwise - I'm sure you'll be fed up of hearing about Brexit...
  7. Airo

    BasePage Website Template

    So this is a project I've been working on for a while, called BasePage. The purpose is to help absolute beginners in making a website for the first time. Find it here: https://www.github.com/airodene/basepage
  8. Andy

    Website (re-)launched!

    It's been a long time coming, but Nerdface is finally (re-)open! I've done as much testing as I can to ensure a smooth and user friendly experience, but should any issues be encountered please do let me know. I promise to add more content soon, and there are more features planned in the coming...
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