1. Andy

    Video game Unobtainable PlayStation Trophies

    ** Please note, this is a work in progress! ** Based on information from List 1 and List 2, thanks to Dagger, ShadowAFC, and Terminator for their sterling work. PS4 Adventure Pop - Obtainable: 16/17 Unobtainable: Perfect World 3 It is impossible to complete level 70 without paying for...
  2. Andy

    Media centre re-organised

    It's been a while since I've given the Media centre any real love and attention.. The previous category structure wasn't really working out and didn't encourage new submissions, which to be honest I don't even recall whether I gave users the permissions to do so. This has all now been changed...
  3. Andy

    Video game Last game you finished?

    Type:Rider (PS4) Just got my 100% this evening.. It was ok for a freebie I guess, not sure I could recommend it otherwise. There's much better alternatives out there.
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