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  1. My Name Is - Jeremy Hunt x Eminem

    My Name Is - Jeremy Hunt x Eminem

    Tory leadership hopefuls Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson perform their very own version of Eminem's classic rap hit, 'My Name Is'. Produced and edited by Swedemason, Nooruddean Choudry, Matt Sayward and Joe Gilmore. SUBSCRIBE to JOE: http://bit.ly/SUBtoJOE FOLLOW JOE: ► Twitter -...
  2. Michael Gove - Because I Got High

    Michael Gove - Because I Got High

    Gove was gonna be PM... but then he got high ❄️ Brought to you by Swedemason, Nooruddean Choudry, Joe Gilmore and Matt Sayward. SUBSCRIBE to JOE: http://bit.ly/SUBtoJOE Follow PoliticsJOE: ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/PoliticsJOE_UK
  3. Andy

    The Independent Group

    So far, I believe TIG is made up of 8 former Labour and 3 former Conservative politicians, each citing dissatisfaction with their former party's leadership (amongst other accusations). Do you think the group will continue to gain traction and something will come of it, or this about the most...
  4. Andy


    Hopefully this thread can remain civil.. ^_^; What are people's thoughts? Do you want another referendum, or do you think that the country should just get on with what has been voted for previously (whether you agree with it or not)? I personally still don't believe that Brexit will even...
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