1. Probably another abandoned blog..

    Bloat reduction

    I felt that the forum list had become a bit bloated since the upgrade to XenForo 2.1, which is understandable given the amount of new functionality and code that was introduced. I have no doubt that everything is of use in some way, but not necessarily in the layout that I initially envisaged...
  2. Andy

    Connect with us!

    There's never been a better or more convenient way of signing up and/or logging in to Nerdface! I'm happy to introduce connected accounts, which allows you to use an existing account with a social media platform to quickly and easily sign up at Nerdface, or login to an existing account once it...
  3. Andy

    Third party Response is not JSON

    I am aware of this error intermittently flashing on screen briefly. I suspect it is some strange communication issue with the Spotify API, and I am in communication with both the server host and the add-on developer to see if the error can be suppressed in any way. --EDIT-- If anyone manages...