1. Andy

    Video game Unobtainable PlayStation Trophies

    ** Please note, this is a work in progress! ** Based on information from List 1 and List 2, thanks to Dagger, ShadowAFC, and Terminator for their sterling work. PS4 Adventure Pop - Obtainable: 16/17 Unobtainable: Perfect World 3 It is impossible to complete level 70 without paying for...
  2. Andy

    PSX Gran Turismo Sport

    So I finally decided to start this latest Gran Turismo installment after a run of disappointments (4 & 5, didn't try 6).. In some ways it's instantly recognisable as a Gran Turismo game; the menus, the music, the graphics, the HUD. In others, it's actually quite different from previous...
  3. Andy

    Expired PlayStation Store Spring Sale 2019

    I would have liked to have posted this sooner, especially with a number of schools being on Easter break in the UK from this week, but better late than never! I did not compose this list, those honours go to the amazing BubaMan at HotUKDeals. --- [VR] = PSVR compatible Price highlighting...
  4. Andy

    DriveClub to be delisted, servers to close

    Whether you're an achievement / trophy hunter, or simply just love playing the game online - this is one of those announcements that every gamer dreads, server decommissioning. PlayStation have decided to finally call time on DriveClub, one of it's most troubled but also one of it's best arcade...
  5. Andy


    After playing around with Open PS2 Loader and PortablizeMii for a little while with mixed results, I started to wonder if there was something similar for the PSone.. There were so many classic games on that console, and the appeal of having them bootable from a USB and not having to change discs...
  6. Andy

    Gaming Trophies and Achievements

    If you're not an achievement and/or trophy hunter, then you can probably stop reading now.. Otherwise, I'm going to share with you a few websites to help you on your quest to attain the seemingly unattainable (unless of course, it is!). I should point out right now, that I do not condone the...
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