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  1. Andy

    Film CMS (University Assignment)

    My favourite assignment of my University degree by far was a CMS project, where we had to design, build, and code a CMS script in PHP and the MySQL database it would attach to, from nothing. The brief was pretty open, but the lecture content very much geared the assignment toward a news based...
  2. Airo

    Made my first PHP module!

    So I am currently learning the inner workings of a software called NamelessMC, which specialises in the creation of Minecraft Server websites, and one of the main features is the modules system. It is a relatively small software, so for me to reach 10 downloads seems like a big milestone! You...
  3. Andy

    Code Contributions?

    Are you familiar with the MVC framework, or better yet, familiar with the inner workings of XenForo? Could you spare any time to help contribute bits of custom code for implementation? Please get in touch. PM would be preferred but feel free to respond to this thread.
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