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  1. MarteeBe

    Video game How do you find out about new games?

    I'm looking to see if any of you lovely folk have any ways and means of finding out about new games coming out that I'm not aware of. For me, I tend to stick to news sites and wait for updates to come out - occasionally I'll see an update on YouTube or something as well which might be my first...
  2. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Similar threads not being listed when posting via quick thread

    Still working when posting via "Post thread", but not via Quick thread. --EDIT-- Fixed (again).
  3. Spack Jarrow

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected What's new icon different in Mobile

    Its a bolt icon on desktops and a page icon on mobile. Kinda confusing dont you think?
  4. Ned Stark

    New York wants to get rid of anonymous posting

    Some weeks ago I read an article about how anonymous posting might be banned in New York. I'm not sure if it's real but maybe a search could bring up some news on it for you. If not, I'll try to find the article I read. But anyway, I guess if this passes, you'll have to start using your real...
  5. Airo

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Welcome Forum

    There should be a sort of Welcome forum where people can say "Hey, I'm new here" and get a sense of community when they first arrive.
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