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  1. TheJason

    The money is in the list

    Well, of course, it is! However, the list often has to be quite big - hence the struggle! Anyway, let's take Patreon as an example. From what I've seen, a Patreon owner with good music lesson material - needs around 100,000 followers to make decent money, a liveable income. O.K. how much...
  2. Andy

    Mind Debt

    I've identified that my financial situation requires attention this week, which has been building up for the last couple of years through a chain of events. I'm not going to air my laundry in public and divulge on details, but thankfully it's a position that can be recovered from through a bit...
  3. MarteeBe

    If you had all the money in the world...

    If you were given enough money to live the rest of your life care-free (I'm thinking Bill Gate/Jeff Bezos style amounts) - what would you do with all that money and all your spare time? I can say with certainty that for the first few years I would not be living at home in Coventry, I'd be on the...
  4. Andy

    [WITHDRAWN] Competition - Win £25 - Mar/Apr 2019 Referral Drive

    UPDATED 28/03/19 I am withdrawing this competition due to lack of interest. ORIGINAL ARTICLE For the remainder of March and the full month of April, we are offering you the chance to win £25 via PayPal. As a small additional thank you, I am also offering Trophy points to the top 3 users. All...
  5. Andy


    Following the latest UK recession in 2008, do you think we'll fall back in to recession? With the farce that is Brexit being such an unknown to businesses and consumers, and the recent loss of jobs and businesses within the retail sector, I think that sadly another recession is imminent. We...
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