1. Andy


    So @Lady Nerdface, @Psycadelika, @UrbanDarkness, and myself were in Nottingham yesterday playing what is effectively an interactive Cluedo game. CluedUpp - The Crime-Solving Adventure Game It's a game app on your mobile, using local landmarks and commemorative plaques, and asks you questions...
  2. Andy

    Fixed Library icons on mobile view

    The section icons within the library are all placed on top of one another in mobile view. Can be deactivated on this view since grid mode isn't active.
  3. Andy

    Apple or Android?

    People seem to be swapping between the two like a yo-yo, I can't keep up! Initially I didn't like Android so went to Apple. Then I found Apple quite basic and limited, so went back to Android and haven't looked back. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8. I was going to add "Windows" to...