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  1. TheJason

    How does England compare to Japan?

    I've known several English people from my stay in South Korea. Anyway, on some visa runs I would go to Japan. It seems like Japan would be a lot like England - as it's a monarchy, isolated island (from invasion), long history of knights - stuff like that, conservative culture, the fact people...
  2. Japan - Suzuka (2016 Career #17 - S1)

    Japan - Suzuka (2016 Career #17 - S1)

    Video is copyright of Benjamin Daly (Tiametmarduk), who has no affiliation with Nerdface. If you enjoy the content, please visit the YouTube channel, like and subscribe! F1 2016 Gameplay: Manor Career Mode Part 17 Season 1 Japan TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Tiametmarduk INSTAGRAM -...
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