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  1. Andy

    Brexit petition crashes government website

    UPDATED 23/03/19 It's been 48 hours since this article was published, and the petition has now amassed 4,456,315 signatures. An increase of just over 3.3 million! :eek: ORIGINAL ARTICLE Whether you're from Europe, Britain, or otherwise - I'm sure you'll be fed up of hearing about Brexit...
  2. Airo

    Ever thought about your own manifesto?

    So I was thinking a lot a few days ago, and I thought of some ideas that I thought would work in a party manifesto, and I created a very basic one. Has anyone else ever thought of this/got any ideas of their own?
  3. Andy


    Hopefully this thread can remain civil.. ^_^; What are people's thoughts? Do you want another referendum, or do you think that the country should just get on with what has been voted for previously (whether you agree with it or not)? I personally still don't believe that Brexit will even...
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