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  1. J

    Google Pixel.

    Does anyone here have the Google Pixel? Would you recommend it? Why or why not? I'm currently rocking the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I love it, but my contract is up and I'm looking for something new. I've been doing a little research and found that the Pixel is probably what I want, or at least in...
  2. Andy

    Is Google Assistant deaf, stupid, or ignorant?

    There's actually one thing that Apple got right over Android, and that's Siri. I have to pretty much shout at Google to get it to listen to a full command, it'll play a single instead of an album when I tell it to "Play X by Y", and it'll randomly tell me about a lack of connection. Erm.. You...
  3. Andy

    Which is your main browser?

    I personally use FireFox right now. It's fast, stable, and reliable. I've previously been a fan of Chrome, but found it started to get really slow at starting up (pre SSD upgrade). I saw a fork of Chrome that looked interesting too.. Anyone tried Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with...
  4. Andy

    Gmail or Outlook?

    Do you have a preference of one over the other, and if so why? ..or do you use neither of these, have you found an alternative webmail service?
  5. Andy

    Apple or Android?

    People seem to be swapping between the two like a yo-yo, I can't keep up! Initially I didn't like Android so went to Apple. Then I found Apple quite basic and limited, so went back to Android and haven't looked back. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8. I was going to add "Windows" to...
  6. Andy

    Connect with us!

    There's never been a better or more convenient way of signing up and/or logging in to Nerdface! I'm happy to introduce connected accounts, which allows you to use an existing account with a social media platform to quickly and easily sign up at Nerdface, or login to an existing account once it...
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