1. Andy

    Your favourites

    So rather than post a number of different "What is your favourite X?" type threads, lets combine them so that we get a nice summary of our members :) far fa-glass Favourite soda: Irn-Bru far fa-coffee Favourite hot drink: Coffee far fa-glass-martini-alt Favourite tipple: Belgian beer far...
  2. MarteeBe

    Video game Longest you've played a game without taking a break?

    I'm sure at some point the gamers here have gone on a mad session and played for hours upon end without taking a break. For me, that used to come back in the days when I played Runescape a lot. I had a beast of a character and I was actually in the top 10,000 players at one point (which I'm...
  3. MarteeBe

    How many years have you all been in the 'web' game?

    The question here is in the thread title really, but how many years would you say you've been involved in the web game? From running your own sites, dabbling in code or whatever else comes with website administration. I'd say I'm coming up on about 7-8 years of 'working' on websites to some...
  4. Milo

    Video game Xbox Game Pass - £1 for 3 months

    Just noticed Xbox Live are running a deal for new subscribers to the game pass. £1 for 3 months. I've just signed up as there are some excellent games on there I'm going to try and fight my way through. On my list: - Prey - Vampyr - Sea Of Thieves - PES 2019 - ARK Survival Evolved - Hello...
  5. Andy

    Video game Last game you finished?

    Type:Rider (PS4) Just got my 100% this evening.. It was ok for a freebie I guess, not sure I could recommend it otherwise. There's much better alternatives out there.
  6. Andy

    Unable to post new game in Video games forum

    Error displayed when trying to submit a new game.. --EDIT-- Option mis-configuration. Now resolved.
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