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  1. Milo

    Video game Xbox Game Pass - £1 for 3 months

    Just noticed Xbox Live are running a deal for new subscribers to the game pass. £1 for 3 months. I've just signed up as there are some excellent games on there I'm going to try and fight my way through. On my list: - Prey - Vampyr - Sea Of Thieves - PES 2019 - ARK Survival Evolved - Hello...
  2. Andy

    Video game Last game you finished?

    Type:Rider (PS4) Just got my 100% this evening.. It was ok for a freebie I guess, not sure I could recommend it otherwise. There's much better alternatives out there.
  3. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Unable to post new game in Video games forum

    Error displayed when trying to submit a new game.. --EDIT-- Option mis-configuration. Now resolved.
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