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  1. Andy

    Expired Broken Sword Trilogy (Steam) - £0.99

    If like me you were a fan of these classic point-and-click adventures, then there's good news for you this bank holiday weekend! You can re-live hours of your childhood (most of which were probably spent trying to get past that goat) on Steam, and pick up the first 3 games of the Broken Sword...
  2. Andy

    Fire at Notre-Dame

    Truly shocking when a monument of such history could have been potentially wiped out in a matter of minutes, potentially by "renovation" works.. Notre-Dame saved within vital half hour Makes me thankful that @Lady Nerdface and I visited whilst on our honeymoon. Emmanuel Macron states that he...
  3. Spack Jarrow


    So you may have noticed i haven't been around for a while, i decided to take some time out and go travelling around eastern europe for a month. Had a great time, met lots of cool people, and hope to do western europe some time in the future. Has anyone been on any holidays or have any planned...
  4. Spack Jarrow

    Rugby Six Nations Rugby

    Any rugby fans around? Very exciting championship this year, England vs Wales and England vs Ireland being the highlights so far. I'm hoping that England will pull through, but Wales are looking pretty solid. Meanwhile Italy seem likely to maintain their losing streak.
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