1. Andy

    Your favourites

    So rather than post a number of different "What is your favourite X?" type threads, lets combine them so that we get a nice summary of our members :) far fa-glass Favourite soda: Irn-Bru far fa-coffee Favourite hot drink: Coffee far fa-glass-martini-alt Favourite tipple: Belgian beer far...
  2. MarteeBe

    Spicy Food?

    What's your take on having spicy food? For me, I'm a good lover of the spice, I do love my food to have a good kick to it but I'm not one of these people that will set their devouring a ghost pepper or something just because I can, that's a step too far. I do like spreading some hot sauce on my...
  3. Andy

    Health Slimming

    In keeping with the bloat reduction at Nerdface, I've decided to try and lose a few (several) pounds myself and join Slimming World starting tomorrow. It might seem like a strange thing to do, especially if I tell you that I've done Weight Watchers in the past and lost around 3st in the space...
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