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  1. TheJason

    How does England compare to Japan?

    I've known several English people from my stay in South Korea. Anyway, on some visa runs I would go to Japan. It seems like Japan would be a lot like England - as it's a monarchy, isolated island (from invasion), long history of knights - stuff like that, conservative culture, the fact people...
  2. Andy

    Football Women's World Cup

    Has anyone had chance to follow much of the Women's World Cup, and have their been any stand out matches or moments for you? :football: I'll admit, I haven't watched as much as perhaps I would have the Men's World Cup, but have enjoyed it when I do. The shots don't quite have the same power...
  3. Spack Jarrow

    Rugby Six Nations Rugby

    Any rugby fans around? Very exciting championship this year, England vs Wales and England vs Ireland being the highlights so far. I'm hoping that England will pull through, but Wales are looking pretty solid. Meanwhile Italy seem likely to maintain their losing streak.
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