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  1. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Calendar and Directory shown as "unknown page" on Current visitors

    When a user is viewing either the Calendar or the Directory, they are seen to be viewing an "unknown page" on Current visitors. I've sneakily reported the Calendar to the add-on author in the hope that he fixes it, and I can replicate it for the Directory (unsupported).. :ret_sneaky: --EDIT--...
  2. E

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Bug in addon Tidy Profile

    Im see a bug in your add on: Tidy Profile 1.0.0 Not mixer use: Use Mixer profile: EDIT: For fix im make this - > Go to: src->addons->Nerdface->TidyProfile->_data open fila: template_modifications.xml search mixed an remplacethis: <svg viewBox="0 0...
  3. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Unable to post new game in Video games forum

    Error displayed when trying to submit a new game.. --EDIT-- Option mis-configuration. Now resolved.
  4. Airo

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Errors on Homepage

    So I just received this on the homepage, can anyone else reproduce and/or narrow down the cause?
  5. Spack Jarrow

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Forum list alignment

    At first i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but no, the alignment is definitely off.
  6. Airo

    Partially fixed / Under consideration Articles on Homepage Overlap the Background

    STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Enable "Fluid Width" Reload the page and navigate to the homepage Disable "Fluid Width" and the articles overlay the background, like the image attached. EDIT: Bugs also appear when you have Fluid Width disabled and then you enable it.
  7. Andy


    v2.1.8a (23/05/19 15:20) - All add-ons updated to their latest versions. v2.1.8 (03/05/19 08:00) - Upgraded XenForo and Media Gallery to 2.1.2. v2.1.7e (30/04/19 23:10) - Back-end changes for easier XF upgrades. v2.1.7d (27/04/19 12:05) - Bugfix for guests and other robots being identified as...
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