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  1. Andy

    Scheduled Maintenance - 13/04/19

    UPDATED 15/04/19 Generally speaking the maintenance has gone ok, and the majority of add-ons have been updated to their latest versions without issue. Unfortunately with a couple of new add-ons I have installed, I've noticed one or two bugs creeping up here and there (hence the current build is...
  2. Andy


    v2.1.8 (03/05/19 08:00) - Upgraded XenForo and Media Gallery to 2.1.2. v2.1.7e (30/04/19 23:10) - Back-end changes for easier XF upgrades. v2.1.7d (27/04/19 12:05) - Bugfix for guests and other robots being identified as CloudFlare (nearly 1,000 spiders are now being correctly identified!)...
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