1. Andy Andy:
  2. root root:
    Haha, sure I am Groot :LOL:
  3. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    I will back you up on this. Hi Groot. Dance for us.
  4. Andy Andy:
    Hi @root, I really want to call you Groot.. ^_^;
  5. root root:
  6. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    I am a most generous person I hope you'd agree. :p
  7. Andy Andy:
    So kind! :mischievous:
  8. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    For that, I shall allow you to remain as admin.
  9. Andy Andy:
  10. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    I like to be a good and upstanding member of the community (and paid weekly in cookies).
  11. Andy Andy:
    I ain't complaining @MarteeBe! ;)
  12. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    *sprinkles forum with a dusting of threads because I'm bored at work*
  13. Malcolm Malcolm:
    Welcome back @Airo
  14. Andy Andy:
    Welcome back @Airo!
  15. Airo Airo:
    Hey guys, look who's back :D did I miss anything?
  16. Andy Andy:
  17. JoyFreak JoyFreak:
  18. Andy Andy:
  19. Malcolm Malcolm:
  20. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    We're the city of culture I have you know. That means we are in fact, cultured. :D
  21. Andy Andy:
    You're from Coventry, that makes you instantly suspicious.. :ret_cautious:
  22. MarteeBe MarteeBe:
    *puts on balaclava* I am not suspicious, at all.
  23. Andy Andy:
    We've had a few account registrations lately that I suspect are spambots. Thankfully there has not being anything posted yet, but I fear it may only be a matter of time. I have removed these accounts and I am looking into further offensive defence measures