1. Andy Andy:
  2. JoyFreak JoyFreak:
    Hello! :D
  3. Andy Andy:
    Time to break out the confetti.. ;)
  4. TopSilver TopSilver:
    congrats on that andy
  5. TopSilver TopSilver:
    yes @Andy you just reached 1,000 posts. Shall nerdface and mind piff rise to the top! :p
  6. John Cord John Cord:
    @Matthew - yes, I was just being a dick. If people wanted vBB surely they would just not have updated their forums to the newer and rather inferior product. Plus who doesn't look at their job and think "if only we did it 'this' way, things would be so much better.' It doesn't take a lot to create a similar, but greatly improved product. Like OpenOffice and LibreOffice perhaps?
  7. Andy Andy:
    Slowly resolving various bugs the new code has introduced.. Beta 3!
  8. Andy Andy:
    Sorted, thanks :cool:
  9. TopSilver TopSilver:
    should go in the very root of public_html
  10. TopSilver TopSilver:
    @Andy PM sent. I sent you the link to xenforos robots.txt and also mine
  11. Andy Andy:
    @TopSilver you messaged me on Discord about that.. I was trying to find it in our convo history, could you PM me the examples you sent again please?
  12. TopSilver TopSilver:
    @Andy add a robots.txt file on your site. Look up the format. You need Google indexing your site. It will bring them to index shortly after you add one
  13. TopSilver TopSilver:
    nerdface closing in at 1k posts :D Excited to see this thing do well
  14. TopSilver TopSilver:
    sorry to hear that @Andy I haven't experienced any bugs myself thus far
  15. Andy Andy:
    Ugh.. New code is causing bugs >_<
  16. Andy Andy:
    Meh, I didn't bother commenting on that because of the wink smiley.. :p
  17. Matthew Matthew:
    There was a lawsuit about this, and XenForo won
  18. Matthew Matthew:
    XenForo most certainly did not steal vBulletin’s code, if that’s what you’re implying
  19. Andy Andy:
    Internet Brands bought out Jelsoft, outsourced development to India and the quality of code nosedived
  20. John Cord John Cord:
    Oh so they stole the code ;) omg libel! But what happened to vB? It used to destroy UBB.
  21. Andy Andy:
    It's not all bad, XenForo is made by Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan (former lead vBulletin developers).
  22. John Cord John Cord:
    Oh :(
  23. Andy Andy:
    vBulletin is all but dead!
  24. John Cord John Cord:
    What the....this isn't vBulletin!
  25. M Malcolm:
    Slow progress but it’ll get there!