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  1. John Cord

    TV The Sinner (Netflix)

    The Sinner - A young mother is overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage and commits a startling act of violence and to her horror has no idea why. The event launches an inverted and utterly surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the “who” or the “what” -- but the “why”...
  2. John Cord

    Interested in learning more about King George when he was in power

    The Queen rules (per say), and is married to Prince Phillip. King George V was her father. Prince Charles is next in-line but can abdicate in favour of his eldest, William. There are a few films out about her younger years as well as King George V. Sadly, we don't (or didn't) learn much about...
  3. John Cord

    Let's see..

    FF8 was my first foray into RPGs. My friend played FF7 and I used to watch, but the characters were all very blocky and I didn't get it. He then started FF8 and I just fell in love with the visuals. FF9 is my favourite but FF8 was great. Don't forget - don't load Seifer up with too much good...
  4. John Cord

    Let's see..

    Ahoi! :pirate: I be playing Dragon Quest 11 this weekend - how about yourselves?
  5. John Cord

    Let's see..

  6. John Cord

    Daily Chat Thread

    Hello you lot :) It's been very busy for me lately. I started a freelance position last month and it's an hours commute each way, so I'm pretty knackered after a day at work and everything else feels so rushed (walk in, cook, eat, then time for bed). I'm slowly trying to watch Stranger Things..5...
  7. John Cord

    How does England compare to Japan?

    I'm out there in November, so I'll report back ;) Not on the drugs! The culture. Just to clarify.
  8. John Cord

    Health Weight lifting.

    Stronglift's 5x5 - there's an app you can download. The principal is that you do 5 sets of 5 reps each, and every day you add a little extra weight, until you can't do 5x5 (I think if you need more than one minute between sets, you don't add any more weight). You focus on core exercises too that...
  9. John Cord

    Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I've been glued to Mario Odyssey so not got on with it yet. @Andy - I got into the Zelda games due to my Nintendo DS/3DS. I did play on a friends Super Nintendo and then probably tried it on an emulator, but I wasn't hooked until I was much older.
  10. John Cord

    Movie Love to watch horror movies?

    To clarify - I can't handle the suspense. The more surreal it is, the worse I find it. The Ring as an example. Eurgh. But I've watched the Conjuring and I was pretty ok with that. I think if it's a film with a strong story and some horror, and not a film with loads of horror and a story, I can...
  11. John Cord

    Video game Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

    FFIX 4 lyfe, baby! :) I loved FF VIII - it was my first game of the saga. I watched a friend playing VII, but didn't see the appeal of the little blocky characters. He was really really good too, I could watch him play for hours. I managed to get VIII off him to borrow, he let me have my own...
  12. John Cord


    @Andy and also the quantity of booze ;)
  13. John Cord

    Long distance car journeys

  14. John Cord


    Bollox :(
  15. John Cord

    Technology has advanced, but The Man is keeping us down

    Ok, how about greed + competition? It's so easy to share and gain knowledge these days due to how easy it is to travel around the globe and also the whole internet thing.
  16. John Cord

    Google Pixel.

    Big fan of the Google Phones - when my Nexus 5X finally gave out I ended up taking a Galaxy S9+. I now have an S10 and I also own a Pixel 3. I love the Pixel, but the S10 has a better camera for my tastes (and a headphone jack). I'm keen to see what the Pixel 4 can bring. Here's one example -...
  17. John Cord

    Movie Favourite type of videos to watch on Youtube.

    I had a horrible addiction to watching "best of" vines a few years ago :lol: I use YouTube for music and live performances these days.
  18. John Cord

    Video game Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

    Am I missing something? Is it just coming out for newer consoles, or will there also be graphics updates? It looks the same to me!
  19. John Cord

    Health Who takes vitamins?

    Hmmm @MarteeBe I'll have a look because my initial answer was going to be that yes, I used to take multi-vits but I didn't feel any better for it. I have used Wellman, Centrum, Hollan & Barratts, then supermarket own brands. I think a balanced diet is essential, and if you're a regular gym goer...
  20. John Cord

    Mind Do you make any side income?

    If I was a chick I would definitely pimp myself out as a cam whore :lol:
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