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  1. Andy

    PC Xbox The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

    Check out the patches I mentioned.. In addition, you'll need to create an options.ini file in the following location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files Copy and paste the following: AllHealthBars = yes AlternateMouseSetup = no AmbientVolume = 50...
  2. Andy

    Post your desktop

    I like it, it feels calming.. Your icons are well organised too.
  3. Andy

    Orange Is the New Black

    The final season is going to be available from 26th July.. :punch:
  4. Andy

    Orange Is the New Black

    Title: Orange Is the New Black Genre: Comedy, Drama Creator: Jenji Kohan Cast: Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Taryn Manning, Danielle Brooks, Selenis Leyva, Yael Stone, Nick Sandow, Dascha Polanco, Uzo Aduba, Kate Mulgrew, Jackie Cruz First aired: 2013-07-11 Overview: A crime she...
  5. Andy

    Game of Thrones

    I felt the final season was thoroughly disappointing.. It felt rushed the whole way through. "How can we wrap things up with two shows left?" "Oh, hum.. Yeah.. Well let's just make Dany go full-on mad queen and burn King's Landing to the ground, killing Cersei in the process.. But make it last...
  6. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Image for blog entry

    It should be the same as before, upload an attachment and if there's only one image it'll be used as the cover.
  7. Andy


    Probably not a Huawei after recent news.. :LOL: Google's Huawei ban: what does it mean for you? [Updated]
  8. Andy


    Thanks for the WhatsApp - I'll confess, I haven't really read through it yet due to current time restraints. Looks can be deceiving.. ^_^; I can't remember where that picture is from, but I think it's a fair representation of how I am at the moment. When I posted this thread, I was the...
  9. Andy

    Favourite Home Made Meals

    I quite like the Maggi curry bags, I've tried both the Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala. We also recently got recommended a recipe for Campfire Stew which is delicious. I'll have a scan through some of the recipe books we have and post some other favourites.. :)
  10. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Image for blog entry

    That's pretty much what I was leaning towards.. It's just finding the time to do it at the moment! :mischievous: --EDIT-- All done @John Cord.
  11. Andy

    Do you trust auto mechanics?

    The only place I've found not to trust is Kwik-Fit. They're a pretty big chain in the UK, but they gave me various advisories once that I wasn't particularly convinced about.. I went to get a second opinion from a local garage who basically told me that everything was fine, and the items...
  12. Andy

    Is Google Assistant deaf, stupid, or ignorant?

    Well I pretty much gave up on it after it started being a total :ret_cuss:. "OK Google" *Bleep* "Play <insert album name>" *OK, here's the album in Google Play Music" ... *silence* ... I've put some of my favourite albums on to a USB and I can at least control it through the stereo interface...
  13. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Image for blog entry

    I'll look into it.. There may be something else I can do. :cautious:
  14. Andy

    Do you think abortion should be illegal?

    Depends how old it is I guess. If it's literally days after a rape incident and the woman has become pregnant, you can't really call it a baby in my opinion.. :speechless:
  15. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Image for blog entry

    ..but then it'd use your blog cover for entries where you don't add an image, and that'd be weird :mischievous:
  16. Andy

    Comment by 'Andy' in '001 - Intro'

    Your syntax is wrong.. :p
  17. Andy


    I'm still tweaking parts of the Blogs, so feel free to make any suggestions on how you think it could be improved.. :) Nice to know someone else will be making use of it!
  18. Andy

    Man flu

    Would you believe I'm starting with another cold?! :swearing: My last was little more than a month ago, I mean.. seriously? --EDIT-- Thankfully it just seemed to be a bit of random hayfever. Which is weird, because normally I don't suffer with it!
  19. Inactivity


    You may have noticed that I've been much less active over the past week or so. Unfortunately my activity is likely to remain sporadic for the time being due to personal circumstances that wouldn't be right to disclose at the moment.. I'll try and catch up with a bit of posting in the next few...
  20. Andy


    You'd be surprised how much damage we get from teachers too.. I wouldn't call it vandalism, but it can't all be accidental :think:
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