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  1. Andy

    Orange Is the New Black

    Title: Orange Is the New Black Genre: Comedy, Drama Creator: Jenji Kohan Cast: Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Taryn Manning, Danielle Brooks, Selenis Leyva, Yael Stone, Nick Sandow, Dascha Polanco, Uzo Aduba, Kate Mulgrew, Jackie Cruz First aired: 2013-07-11 Overview: A crime she...
  2. Andy

    United Kingdom Broken Sword Trilogy (Steam) - £0.99

    If like me you were a fan of these classic point-and-click adventures, then there's good news for you this bank holiday weekend! You can re-live hours of your childhood (most of which were probably spent trying to get past that goat) on Steam, and pick up the first 3 games of the Broken Sword...
  3. Andy

    Game of Thrones too dark? Learn to tune your TV!

    So says Game of Thrones cinematographer Fabian Wagner. If you found yourself squinting at the TV and/or changing your settings in the early hours of Monday to try and see what was actually happening in parts of the latest episode, you're certainly not alone! Many fans have commented about it on...
  4. Andy

    Living Things

    Title: Living Things Artist: Linkin Park Genre: Metal Released: 2012 Tracks: Overview: Living Things is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Linkin Park. It was released under Warner Bros. Records and Machine Shop Recordings on June 20, 2012, in Japan and throughout the...
  5. Andy


    Sure I could have added it as a profile field, but it's a bit impersonal.. :blank: What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it? How long have you been working there? Feel free to omit specific details if you don't feel comfortable sharing them.
  6. Andy

    Line of Duty

    Title: Line of Duty Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery Creator: Jed Mercurio Cast: Paul Higgins, Thandie Newton, Jason Watkins, Lee Ingleby, Gaite Jansen, Claudia Jessie, Royce Pierreson, Patrick Baladi, Mark Stobbart, Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Maya Sondhi First aired...
  7. Andy

    United Kingdom Andy's games for trade

    I'm only looking for trades on these right now.. I'll try and keep my list up to date as time permits. PlayStation 3: Hitman Absolution
  8. Andy

    Fixed / Implemented / Rejected Calendar and Directory shown as "unknown page" on Current visitors

    When a user is viewing either the Calendar or the Directory, they are seen to be viewing an "unknown page" on Current visitors. I've sneakily reported the Calendar to the add-on author in the hope that he fixes it, and I can replicate it for the Directory (unsupported).. :ret_sneaky: --EDIT--...
  9. Andy

    Is Google Assistant deaf, stupid, or ignorant?

    There's actually one thing that Apple got right over Android, and that's Siri. I have to pretty much shout at Google to get it to listen to a full command, it'll play a single instead of an album when I tell it to "Play X by Y", and it'll randomly tell me about a lack of connection. Erm.. You...
  10. Andy

    United Kingdom Assassins Creed Unity - Free for PC

    It seems that Assassin's Creed may yet become more than a game series (and a poor film adaptation that I promise not to mention again).. It's Unity entry, has been of particular interest since the awful events that transpired in Paris on Monday 15th April. For those not in the know, this game...
  11. Andy

    The Matrix has you..

    Wake up, Neo.. The Matrix has you... Follow the white rabbit. Knock, knock, Neo. ..and that's quite enough of that! Just a quick notice to inform you that the green theming option within the "Customise" menu has been given a Matrix makeover. I felt that it was previously the weakest of the...
  12. Andy

    Fire at Notre-Dame

    Truly shocking when a monument of such history could have been potentially wiped out in a matter of minutes, potentially by "renovation" works.. Notre-Dame saved within vital half hour Makes me thankful that @Lady Nerdface and I visited whilst on our honeymoon. Emmanuel Macron states that he...
  13. Andy

    PC Xbox The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

    One of few RTS games I've actually got into, and completed. Its odd gamerscore total of 705G on Xbox 360 still annoys me, even though I don't play on Xbox anymore! :ROFLMAO: EA should have ported the "Rise of the Witch-King" expansion as DLC, and given their form I'm surprised they didn't. The...
  14. Andy

    Nintendo PC Sega The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

    One of my favourite childhood games.. Despite collecting all 250 stars many years later on an emulated Genesis runthrough with the added advantage of save points, I'd dearly love this game to get the remaster and/or re-release treatment that so many classics have had already.. Maybe with even...
  15. Andy

    PC Two Point Hospital

    When my friend showed me the trailer for this, I couldn't wait to buy/play it.. A few months later, it's sat in my backlog and I've not even touched it (apart from installation). Has anyone played it, and is it as good as it looks? Is it truly "Theme Hospital 2" in all but name? :)
  16. Andy

    Nintendo PC PSX Xbox Firewatch

    I started and finished this over the course of last week.. It's a pretty decent game, my main complaint would be how short it was. I enjoyed the banter between Henry and Delilah, but having played it a second time to polish off my 100% completion the alternative options didn't really change too...
  17. Andy

    Table test

    Header 1 Header 2 Content 1 Content 2 Header 1 Header 2 Content 1 Content 2 Header 1 Header 2 Content 1 Content 2 Ok, this is working correctly now.. :)
  18. Andy

    Thread count

    Just checking thread count is not increased.. --EDIT-- Ugh, it is.. Something to fix on Saturday! --EDIT-- Thread count gets reduced when the cache is manually rebuilt.. So it makes sense to make a new cron to automatically run this!
  19. Andy

    No advertising

    Although you are free to discuss best administrative practices, and share parts of your website design or layout work for valuable feedback or assistance - please do so in a manner that is not a blatant advertisement. For example, screenshots would be more appropriate than linking directly to a...
  20. Andy

    Scheduled Maintenance - 13/04/19

    UPDATED 15/04/19 Generally speaking the maintenance has gone ok, and the majority of add-ons have been updated to their latest versions without issue. Unfortunately with a couple of new add-ons I have installed, I've noticed one or two bugs creeping up here and there (hence the current build is...
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