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  1. Airo

    The Independent Group

    I doubt it will go very far unless Brexit fails to pull through. They aren't so much "Another referendum", but more an anti-brexit party who, if given the chance, would probably cancel all talks without vote.
  2. Airo


    Here in Winterberg Germany for a skiing holiday, no snow anywhere apart from the slopes, courtesy of snow cannons.
  3. Airo

    Which OS does everyone use?

    I personally prefer Solus Linux, I love the aesthetic.
  4. Airo

    Which OS does everyone use?

    So I recently moved from my Windows 7 install to a fresh Windows 10, and it works great. I also have various Linux distributions installed on my two laptops, including Ubuntu, Solus and Raspbian x86. What does everyone else have?
  5. Airo

    Post your desktop

    Bit of a mess? I'll show you mine when I get the chance ;)
  6. Airo

    Partial fix [BUG] Articles on Homepage Overlap the Background

    STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Enable "Fluid Width" Reload the page and navigate to the homepage Disable "Fluid Width" and the articles overlay the background, like the image attached. EDIT: Bugs also appear when you have Fluid Width disabled and then you enable it.
  7. Airo


    East Yorkshire
  8. Airo

    Doctor Who

    I loved the initial reboot series - Chris Eccleston and David Tennant's Doctors - as I felt the storyline was very thought out and interconnected, and I also loved Peter Capaldi as the stories were also very imaginitive. However I can't say I liked any of the originals or Matt Smith and Jodie...
  9. Airo

    Are you religious?

    I was born as a Christian, as I was baptized when I was still too young to know what was going on, but I'd say I'm an Atheist. Also, this thread is pretty much a duplicate of the thread we already have :D
  10. Airo

    First Full Application

    It's nothing fancy like that, it just takes a random value between 1 and 'n', where 'n' is the length of the array. Then it pulls the line of the array that the value is, and displays that as the quote. Probably very similar to the system here, except in JavaScript.
  11. Airo

    First Full Application

    So after gaining some experience working with Electron, I have created my first full app - Webquote! Webquote, when launched, gives you a random inspirational quote, and there is a button to press allowing you to view another - all using CSS that me and a friend worked on to look as modern as...
  12. Airo

    Gmail or Outlook?

    I use Gmail, but only for the convenience of having it tied to a Google account which, let's face it, is the account we all use most.
  13. Airo


    North East as well, so far only a light dusting - the snow seems to stop right on our borders!
  14. Airo


    All I can think of right now is machine maintenance, supervisors in the stores where machines operate, and possibly moving from cashier to the backroom managing stock, but even that will be mechanised soon.
  15. Airo

    Essay on School and Education

    Andy in case you were wondering, I got the mark back and the full speech I wrote was GCSE 7 grade equivalent.
  16. Airo


    Lots of farmers were made redundant during the industrial revolution, and later found opportunities elsewhere. I believe the same thing will happen here, but in different sectors at different rates
  17. Airo

    Nintendo PC PSX Xbox Rocket League

    It's coming soon!
  18. Airo


    It won't be as severe as the 2008 recession as that was global, but I equally don't believe there will be one. Sales are just shifting to online, replacing retail sales.
  19. Airo

    Nintendo PC PSX Xbox Rocket League

    I don't play on PS4 unfortunately, unless you play on PC :D
  20. Airo

    What kind of Nerd are you?

    Just because I can. I have nothing else to do, so I kind of set it as a project to keep myself busy.