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  1. Airo

    Which OS does everyone use?

    So I recently moved from my Windows 7 install to a fresh Windows 10, and it works great. I also have various Linux distributions installed on my two laptops, including Ubuntu, Solus and Raspbian x86. What does everyone else have?
  2. Airo

    Partial fix [BUG] Articles on Homepage Overlap the Background

    STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Enable "Fluid Width" Reload the page and navigate to the homepage Disable "Fluid Width" and the articles overlay the background, like the image attached. EDIT: Bugs also appear when you have Fluid Width disabled and then you enable it.
  3. Airo

    First Full Application

    So after gaining some experience working with Electron, I have created my first full app - Webquote! Webquote, when launched, gives you a random inspirational quote, and there is a button to press allowing you to view another - all using CSS that me and a friend worked on to look as modern as...
  4. Airo

    Nerdface Desktop Application

    So I was getting started with Electron coding earlier, and a tutorial I followed to get it all set up showed that to get a page to display I needed to add the following line of code: mainWindow.loadURL('file://index.html') But that got me thinking - if it can load a local file with the file://...
  5. Airo

    Are there any alternatives to YouTube?

    I've tried looking but I can't seem to find one, and I think it'd be quite cool. Anyone happen to know of any?
  6. Airo

    Do we expect a new general election?

    With the vote of May's Brexit deal going roughly 400 to 200 against, parliament is now going to debate a vote of no confidence, which May has actually invited Labour to do. Personally I believe this is a final blow, and that if the conservatives lose this debate we could well have a new government.
  7. Airo

    Perception (2017)

    Title: Perception Artist: NF Genre: Rap Released: 2017 Tracks: 1 - Intro III - 4:28 2 - Outcast - 5:25 3 - 10 Feet Down - 3:37 4 - Green Lights - 3:01 5 - Dreams - 3:41 6 - Let You Down - 3:32 7 - Destiny - 3:59 8 - My Life - 3:35 9 - You're Special - 5:12 10 - If You Want Love -...
  8. Airo

    Material Design

    So I hope we all know the concept of Material Design - if not, look at Google and you'll get a good idea. I would love to know your thoughts on whether it looks good or bad. I've seen it more and more over the last few years, and I can honestly say I hate it with a huge passion. It strips out...
  9. Airo

    Cannot reproduce [BUG] Constant up and down movement on new post

    So I cought this earlier: The motion is supposed to move down, as if revealing the content behind it. But then sometimes it goes up again, and then down, and then up, and it repeats...
  10. Airo

    Spread the Word - Help Us Help You!

    First of all, I would like to say thanks to Andy for allowing me to write articles for Nerdface, although I'm not too sure why he would entrust me with such powers :ROFLMAO: I hope it works out positively nevertheless! I hope I can speak for all of us when I say I really appreciate the work...
  11. Airo

    Essay on School and Education

    So for school I am required to write an essay about what I think makes a good education. I already have a few ideas jotted, but I was wondering if anyone here might have some stuff I hadn't thought of?
  12. Airo

    Fixed Issue with profile images in sidebar for non-image accounts

    I just noticed this small bug with Super gran 's account, and it shows the "S" in the middle of the default picture being out of center. Here's the image, can anyone else reproduce?
  13. Airo

    Made my first PHP module!

    So I am currently learning the inner workings of a software called NamelessMC, which specialises in the creation of Minecraft Server websites, and one of the main features is the modules system. It is a relatively small software, so for me to reach 10 downloads seems like a big milestone! You...
  14. Airo

    New Wallpaper

    So I made my own wallpaper, as I'm currently improving in GFX (not sure if I mentioned this before), and I think it turned out pretty well! The background I didn't make, but I adjusted most of the colors, effects, added glow etc.
  15. Airo

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    Title: Birdemic: Shock and Terror Tagline: Why did the eagles and vultures attack? Genre: Horror, Science Fiction Director: James Nguyen Cast: Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne, Adam Sessa, Catherine Batcha, Patsy van Ettinger, Damien Carter, Rick Camp, Stephen...
  16. Airo

    Ever thought about your own manifesto?

    So I was thinking a lot a few days ago, and I thought of some ideas that I thought would work in a party manifesto, and I created a very basic one. Has anyone else ever thought of this/got any ideas of their own?
  17. Airo

    The R4v2

    You were never a 00s kid if your parents never gave you this dodgy looking card with 100s of games on it. Now my favourite piece of homebrew technology, it made my entire ds experience far better! [I would attach an image, but it is too large D:]
  18. Airo

    Implemented Politics Section

    Just feel this would be a nice section o add, especially in today's turbulent government :D
  19. Airo

    Nintendo PC PSX Xbox Prison Architect

    I absolutely love this game, and recommend it to anyone :D
  20. Airo

    BasePage Website Template

    So this is a project I've been working on for a while, called BasePage. The purpose is to help absolute beginners in making a website for the first time. Find it here: