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Le Mans 2019

I'm off to Le Mans this weekend to enjoy watching the 24h endurance race with my Dad, a couple of his mates, and my younger brother.

I've never particularly followed the WEC, but I enjoy my motorsport and as F1 has become stale to watch and hugely expensive to attend, I figured it would be a good idea to look into other race disciplines. What better way than being at the track, soak up the atmosphere of a race weekend, and spend time with family that I don't really get to see too often.

I've only been to one F1 race weekend in person despite being a fan since 1996. This was Silverstone 2008, where Lewis Hamilton won and went on to win his first championship.

We're travelling via car / eurotunnel in a convoy of three cars, 2 Porsche's (:cool:) and a Nissan Micra (^_^;). Super excited about it, and hoping we'll get a glimpse of Fernando Alonso in his last WEC race.


The rain on the way down to the Eurotunnel.. Shocking! :eek:

Been on the road for 5h 30m, still got 2 hours drive today before we stop for the day. I'll be ready for a beer or two!!

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