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So you may notice a couple of things are different with the Blogs at Nerdface.. :nerd:

The layout has been completely revamped. A big thank you goes to @JoyFreak who did the majority of this, and in typical Nerdface fashion I tweaked it a little more afterwards.. I'm very happy with how it has turned out, and may look into further potential edits that can be made to the Blogs.

Unfortunately in trying to be clever and simplifying the system for posting new entries, I ended up being stupid and managed to delete my previous entries (don't ask!). I initially tried to restore them, but it is actually harder to do so than it seems. Especially if you don't have an up-to-date backup that you can fully restore, my last backup was from yesterday but we've had a few posts made since then. In the end as I was only losing content created by myself, I decided to take that route. In summary, the Blogs system has been reset.

I would still like to simply things if I can, at present it feels like there's a few too many clicks to post an entry. I'll probably set up a test environment to do so next time though.. :p
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How the actual fuck did this blog entry reach 700+ views? Seriously.. :oops:

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