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..could it be?

I'll always have very fond memories of the first message board / community that I joined when I first started going online.. :bringitin:

The administrator was friendly and supportive, the majority of the members were friendly and loyal, the colour scheme was always green, and I even had the privilege of helping out a few times with various software upgrades and add-on installations! It was the benchmark that I always wanted to surpass with my own projects.. That community was called Gaming Update.

Unfortunately after several years of dying a slow and painful death with active members gradually dropping in numbers, the Webmaster (that was his username!) decided to pull the plug permanently and operate as just a gaming website with no forums. This was still a terrible mistake in my opinion, and it was the first time that Gaming Update had steered away from the infamous green, opting for a blue and silver scheme! I stopped visiting after a while, especially as the website also ended up being an abandoned ghost town with no updates in several years.

Since opening Nerdface, I have often thought about the members of Gaming Update and possible ways I could reach out to them in the hope of some kind of reunion. @John Cord was originally a member of another site within the same network (PSX Gamer), but IIRC some kind of community merge happened before the message board was closed and he ended up on Gaming Update after some persuasion.

Anyway, the point of this entry was that yesterday I randomly visited the URL out of curiosity and the site appears to be "currently under maintenance", and after a bit of research has been so since May 2019. Now I don't know whether there is any possibility of Gaming Update making a return, but it's certainly peaked my curiosity!


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