Bloat reduction

I felt that the forum list had become a bit bloated since the upgrade to XenForo 2.1, which is understandable given the amount of new functionality and code that was introduced. I have no doubt that everything is of use in some way, but not necessarily in the layout that I initially envisaged.

I've therefore made a couple of layout changes today (v2.1.3a) in an effort to try and shed some of this recent bloat, and I'm fairly satisfied with the result but may yet opt to make further changes. The "Featured threads" slider that was previously above the forums [3 items] has now been moved to the sidebar [1 item], and the referral link that was previously a bit lost underneath the shoutbox has now been featured on every page on the footer.

Finally, the Spotify widget on the sidebar has been removed, however the integration is still active. Data will still continue to be collected by Nerdface, and some kind of statistics page may appear in the future dependant on future add-on development.

I know that activity has dropped considerably of late and not just from myself, but from others also. Per my previous entry I've recently had a family bereavement to deal with as well as recovering from quite an unpleasant short-term illness. However, I'm thankfully back on the road to recovery and will be looking to address this as best as I am able.


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