A death in the family

Death is never easy to deal with, particularly when it's someone close to you. Unfortunately it's an inevitable part of life, especially as people get older.

On Thursday evening my dear Nana passed away. She wasn't a well lady, she had quite a severe stroke 5-6 years ago and never fully recovered with dementia taking hold shortly after. I never found the courage to visit her, knowing that she had deteriorated to the extent that she often didn't recognise even my Grandad. In some ways I'm thankful that I didn't and can still cherish my memories of her being well, but then in others it's a long time between me last seeing her and her death.

It comes less than a year after another death in our family, with my aunt losing a short battle with cancer. This hit me surprisingly hard at the time. Thankfully I feel in a better place mentally to cope with this loss, but of course I'm still grieving.. I feel like I want to do something in her memory, but haven't quite decided what yet - possibly another long distance run.


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