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004 - I miss writing

So I have to say, I really miss message boards. I have always attributed a lot of my ideas and general knowledge to growing up online as it were. You could speak to people from all over the world and that expanded social circle sharing information and helping each other remains as some of my fondest memories. Hanging around the right places led to me writing news articles and games reviews for a couple of websites and I do really miss creative writing. I ended up chasing a career in construction and had no time for gaming, The last couple of weeks being out of work, I've really enjoyed having time to really get into video gaming again, and spend time online here. I think it's more a feeling of being fulfilled and have quality time doing things I enjoy. I lean towards more tangible experiences - with outcomes I see and and judge. So I did rave about Designated Survivor and loved watching the show, but felt after half a day faded away in a binge sesh that I hadn't achieved anything. Playing a video game, reading for a few hours, coming online and chatting - you can see results. It feels like the time spent has been worthwhile. Is that odd? That I really only feel relaxed or that I've had some 'me time' if the activity I've done has an output?


Separating your entry into a 2-3 paragraphs wouldn't have gone amiss.! ;)

I definitely miss the amount of interaction I used to have with people on message boards, and then speaking to many of them via MSN and/or AIM and getting to know them on a more personal level.. There isn't really that scope to do it these days.

It's definitely nice having a bit of time free to be able to do the things you enjoy, be it gaming, or socialising whether online or otherwise. I found Nerdface to be exactly that, an outlet that I could spend chunks of time with and gradually start seeing things come together..

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