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002 - Brain Power

Prcrstntn rvltn!!1

Seriously though, it's very hard to focus on a task during the day. My mind is a lot clearer at night and always has been. By night I mean, 2am by the way.

So what's so important about brain power? Well right now I'm going to attempt to churn through a foundation degree whilst I'm not working. The trouble is I have to unlearn everything that I know, to learn from text books that don't represent a real life scenario. Oh and it's all very American, urgh. Then writing essays and answers - oh boy! I like achieving something tangible each day, so it feels like I've done nothing, which in turns make me resent the study in the first place. A vicious cycle. I'm also pretty grumpy because I can't find a suitable playlist to have on in the background. C'est la vie.

JC out.


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