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Assassin's Creed Unity - Free for PC
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It seems that Assassin's Creed may yet become more than a game series (and a poor film adaptation that I promise not to mention again).. It's Unity entry, has been of particular interest since the awful events that transpired in Paris on Monday 15th April. For those not in the know, this game featured a particularly detailed replica of the now fire-devastated Notre-Dame cathedral, which is said to have taken somewhere around two years to recreate with such accuracy.

This has not gone unnoticed, and if rumour is to be believed the rebuilding works of this beautiful cathedral is likely to use the building's model from the game in some parts as a reference. Additionally, Ubisoft themselves have made a large financial contribution to the restoration project.

Ubisoft said:
In light of Monday's events, we will be donating €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral. We encourage all of you who are interested to donate as well. In addition, we want...
Twitter issue "colour scheme" scam warning
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Twitter have taken to.. well.. twitter, to issue a warning over a recent scam being retweeted in the thousands on the network.

We’ve noticed a prank trying to get people to change their Twitter birthday in their profile to 2007 to unlock new color schemes. Please don’t do this. You’ll get locked out for being under 13 years old. ~ TwitterSupport

The scam plays on a recent change on the network following the introduction of GDPR last year, whereby users under 13 are automatically declined an account. Users who already have an account and change their birth year are subsequently locked out of their account. If you have fallen victim to this twitter will likely email you in the coming days, or you could try completing their online form.

If there are alternative twitter colour schemes out there, this isn't the way...
Brexit petition crashes government website
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UPDATED 23/03/19
It's been 48 hours since this article was published, and the petition has now amassed 4,456,315 signatures. An increase of just over 3.3 million! :eek:

Whether you're from Europe, Britain, or otherwise - I'm sure you'll be fed up of hearing about Brexit. Britain truly is divided, it has been the subject of fierce debate for what seems like an eternity, and nobody can agree on the way forward.

An online petition to revoke Article 50 is making headlines, continuing to gain signatures over the last 24 hours at an increasing rate reported to be in the region of 2,000 signatures per minute, which the Petitions Committee have confirmed is the highest it has ever had to deal with. Indeed, such is the demand on the website that it has repeatedly crashed and been taken offline for "maintenance" throughout the day.

At the time of writing it has a...
Facebook problems
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UPDATED 14/03/19
Services seem to be gradually coming back online. However, no explanation from Facebook yet to the cause of the outage.

Having problems with Facebook? How about Instagram or WhatsApp? .. Don't fret, you're not the only one!

Confirmed in a statement to the BBC, "people are currently having having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps" which is estimated to have initially started around 4:00pm GMT. The Facebook website itself appears to load initially but problems arise when trying to submit new content, particularly images. The company has not yet given a reason for the outage, but indicated that they aware of the problem and are working toward fixing it.

As Facebook is now so heavily integrated into a number of other websites and applications, this is also causing problems for third-parties including businesses using Facebook Workplace, an enterprise online...

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