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Planned Downtime
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UPDATED 06/02/2019
There should be no further upgrade related downtime.

UPDATED 04/02/2019
The upgrade for the most part has been a success. All of the new code and functionality is now live, and Nerdface is now running on XenForo 2.1.

There are one or two things that aren't quite ready yet and have been disabled, despite testing they've resulted in some unexpected issues. I'll be intermittently taking the website offline when working on any aesthetically breaking issues. Feel free to try out everything, and please report any issues that you may encounter.

Thanks for your patience on Saturday.

Exciting news! XenForo 2.1 has today been declared stable, and as such the major upgrade to Nerdface is imminent which includes a multitude of new features.

I have already been testing the upgrade on my localhost setup, and I am confident the process should be relatively smooth - but there's only so much that can be tested for away from a live...
Connect with us!
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There's never been a better or more convenient way of signing up and/or logging in to Nerdface!

I'm happy to introduce connected accounts, which allows you to use an existing account with a social media platform to quickly and easily sign up at Nerdface, or login to an existing account once it has been connected. Existing members can connect their accounts by visiting Connected accounts.

Currently supported platforms are:

If you would like to see any other platforms supported, add a comment and I can look into it! :nerd:
Upgrade Planning
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With XenForo 2.1 currently on Beta 5, and a few add-on developers deciding to shift support to this version already - I'm starting to plan the next major updates to Nerdface.

It is very unlikely that this will happen before XenForo 2.1 is considered stable due to a number of considerations, but that doesn't mean to say that I can't start testing things locally to test the transition, and to start working on some of the new features that I'd like to bring. With this in mind, I do not plan to make any more changes to Nerdface as it is until this time (excluding bugfixes should they be required).

Inevitably there is going to be a bit of downtime when the upgrade happens, but this will hopefully be kept to a minimum if all goes well with testing.

I appreciate that discussion is still a bit slow, and despite the efforts of Airo and myself sign-ups haven't been forthcoming - but as long as we continue to do what we are doing (feedback has been good), things can only...
Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus - £19.99
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Still available as at 03/01/19

I thought I'd share with you what I consider to be my best buy of the Boxing Day sales so far - a legitimate key for Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus for just £19.99! :eek:

For the doubters, I can confirm that I have activated my key on the Microsoft website and downloaded the office suite using this method. It is also a website that I have used several times in the past for Xbox and PlayStation vouchers, and have never had any issue.

This is currently listed as a December Mega Deal, so how long it will remain available for this price is questionable. However even if this price expires, Electronic First seem to be selling keys at a regular price of just £29.99 (here). There is no mention of available stock levels.
Merry Christmas
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I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the members for their contributions and support in helping launch this new project.

It's been a slower start than I would have liked but I plan to keep going with things, post a lot more content on to the homepage, and continue improving the forums with new features.

Merry Christmas to everyone and their families. I will be absent over the next few days spending time with my loved ones, but anticipate I will return before the New Year.
  1. Andy @ Andy:
    Good to see you @Daniel
  2. Daniel @ Daniel:
    Thought I'd poke my head in here for a few minutes :D I've been a bit busy lately :p
  3. Andy @ Andy:
    ..and another smilie set has started being added! :ret_bgrin:
  4. Andy @ Andy:
    Shows how much I'm working on things.. Over 18 hours of online time racked up in the space of a week!
  5. Andy @ Andy:
    I love the concept of additional smiley sets.. but they take so frickin' long to add :xen_bang:
  6. Airo @ Airo:
    I love trophy hunting on websites, you've got me hooked now :D Also, nice confetti!
  7. Andy @ Andy:
    Trophies are now online, but there's more to be added - along with a couple of enhancements to be implemented.
  8. Andy @ Andy:
    No worries @Airo, I'm still tweaking bits here and there. Schoolwork comes first, hope you feel better soon.
  9. Airo @ Airo:
    Sorry I haven't been active, catching up on schoolwork and feeling quite rough as well :sick:
  10. Andy @ Andy:
    The first of the alternative smilie sets are being added.. :xen_cool:
  11. Andy @ Andy:
    Evening @JoyFreak, hope you're well?
  12. JoyFreak @ JoyFreak:
    Hello :D
  13. Andy @ Andy:
    I'll hold off the confetti until the last couple of parts of the upgrade are ready
  14. Andy @ Andy:
    Goodnight all... :sleep:
  15. Andy @ Andy:
    I've added it to the cycle :nerd:
  16. Airo @ Airo:
    Suggestion for a new slogan under the logo: "You know, I'm something of a nerd myself."
  17. Andy @ Andy:
    If you notice anything weird with the smilies over the next few days, fear not - I'm updating them.
  18. Airo @ Airo:
    My new PSU arrived very deformed, as if someone went at it with a sledgehammer. Very disappointed D:
  19. Andy @ Andy:
    It's been that way for a good month or two at least.. ;)
  20. Airo @ Airo:
    I've only just realised a cool aesthetic touch - the overall color theme of the site changes with the background, very nice!
  21. Airo @ Airo:
    Great news :D
  22. Andy @ Andy:
    I've almost finished installing the add-ons for the upgrade on my localhost, which means I'll be working on trying to fix up the things that aren't working on XF 2.1 out of the box. If I'm able to fix them all, the upgrade may come sooner than XF 2.1 being declared stable!
  23. Airo @ Airo:
    Found the smiley for it :D
  24. Airo @ Airo:
  25. Andy @ Andy:
    *waves* Hi @JoyFreak, been a while!

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