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Andy Dobson

Owner and Operator of Nerdface
Andy Dobson
Assassin's Creed Unity - Free for PC
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It seems that Assassin's Creed may yet become more than a game series (and a poor film adaptation that I promise not to mention again).. It's Unity entry, has been of particular interest since the awful events that transpired in Paris on Monday 15th April. For those not in the know, this game featured a particularly detailed replica of the now fire-devastated Notre-Dame cathedral, which is said to have taken somewhere around two years to recreate with such accuracy.

This has not gone unnoticed, and if rumour is to be believed the rebuilding works of this beautiful cathedral is likely to use the building's model from the game in some parts as a reference. Additionally, Ubisoft themselves have made a large financial contribution to the restoration project.

Ubisoft said:
In light of Monday's events, we will be donating €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the Cathedral. We encourage all of you who are interested to donate as well. In addition, we want...
The Matrix has you..
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Wake up, Neo..
The Matrix has you...
Follow the white rabbit.
Knock, knock, Neo.

..and that's quite enough of that! Just a quick notice to inform you that the green theming option within the "Customise" menu has been given a Matrix makeover.

I felt that it was previously the weakest of the designs, and it just made sense to go with inspiration from The Matrix as an alternative :cool:
Scheduled Maintenance - 13/04/19
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UPDATED 15/04/19
Generally speaking the maintenance has gone ok, and the majority of add-ons have been updated to their latest versions without issue.

Unfortunately with a couple of new add-ons I have installed, I've noticed one or two bugs creeping up here and there (hence the current build is in beta state).. I'm hopeful that I can remedy these without needing to take Nerdface offline again. If I can't resolve them however, I'll be making a call to @UrbanDarkness.

Nerdface will be unavailable for what I anticipate will be a short amount of time on Saturday 13th April, for some scheduled maintenance.

A number of add-ons have been updated this week. It makes sense to tackle these all at once and make sure that everything continues to function as intended.

On an unrelated note, there was an unscheduled 3-4 hour period of non-availability in the early hours of this morning due to a database backup task timing out. Apologies if you...
Xbox Marketplace Sale Roundup for Spring 2019
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Hot on the heels of my post about deals within the PlayStation Store, here's one for you Xbox gamers! Again, I'm sorry I didn't get around to posting this sooner.

Unlike the previous post, I have composed this list from scratch. It should be noted that these deals will expire at 11:00 AM BST on Tuesday April 9th 2019, so you only have a long weekend to take advantage of them!


101 Ways to Die
Albert and Otto
Amnesia: Collection
Beatsplosion for Kinect [GOLD]
Bedlam – The Game By Christopher Brookmyre
Big Buck Hunter Game
Bloody Zombies
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps And...
PlayStation Store Spring Sale 2019
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I would have liked to have posted this sooner, especially with a number of schools being on Easter break in the UK from this week, but better late than never!

I did not compose this list, those honours go to the amazing BubaMan at HotUKDeals.


[VR] = PSVR compatible

Price highlighting (PS4 only):
BOLD = lower than ever PSN price (ignoring Plus)
italic bold= equal to previous lowest price (ignoring Plus)

  • [VR] A Fisherman’s Tale - £9.29 (23% off) / £8.69 Plus (28% off)
  • A Way Out - £15.99 (36% off)
  • [VR] Apex Construct - £12.99 (48% off)
  • [VR] Archangel - £8.99 (70% off)
  • [VR] Arizona Sunshine - £11.59 (65% off) / £9.94 Plus (70% off)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved - Founder's Edition - £15.99 (60% off)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition - £29.69 (55% off)
  • ARK...

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